GDA Protests Alleged Election Rigging

Updated on February 27, 2024

The GDA, led by PML-F chief Pir Pagara, organized a massive protest sit-in at the Jamshoro Interchange along the M-9 Motorway, rallying against alleged election rigging in the 2024 elections. The demonstration resulted in a suspension of transportation at the bypass linking the National Highway Road and the Karachi–Hyderabad Motorway in Hyderabad.

Protest Details

A sea of protesters, including a significant number of women from rural areas, gathered at the sit-in to draw attention to the purported irregularities in the recent elections. The identity of the organizing group remains somewhat ambiguous, but the protest was orchestrated by the GDA.

GDA Protests Alleged Election Rigging

Eyewitnesses reported that protesters offered Friday prayers on the highway to emphasize the seriousness of their grievances. Reports on the extent of disruption caused by the protest and any potential intervention by authorities are still emerging.

Accusations of Election Rigging

Pir Pagara accused the PPP of manipulating the electoral process to their advantage, claiming that seats rightfully won by GDA, JI, and PTI were unfairly given to the PPP. He alleged that Sindh province had been practically handed over to Asif Ali Zardari, suggesting his influence in the rigging.

Pagara announced that GDA candidates elected to two provincial seats would refuse to take their oaths in protest against what they see as an injustice.

Press Conference and Declaration

During a press briefing earlier this week, Pir Pagara declared the GDA’s intention to protest against the alleged rigging in the elections. The sit-in at Jamshoro Interchange represents a significant escalation in the political tensions following the contentious election results.

As the protest continues, the spotlight remains on the GDA’s demands for electoral transparency and accountability in Pakistan. The GDA’s actions have sparked a debate on the validity of the election results and the need for fair and free elections in the country.