How Can I Check My Utility Bills Online

Updated on December 31, 2022

The days of standing in line at the bank for hours merely to pay your bills are long gone. With the advent of many online payment gateways, it is now possible to check and pay power bills online quickly and conveniently without leaving your home.

What an amazing thing!

So, How Can I Check My Utility Bills Online

Despite the fact that these online payment systems have been available for a while, many people are either unaware of them or are unsure of how to use them. Therefore, we have put together a thorough guide on how to pay energy bills online in Pakistan in order to make it a little easier for you. We’ve also spoken about how you may check your power bill online or get a copy sent right to your house.

Before we get started, let’s examine the advantages of online bill payment.

Benefits of Paying Bills Online in Pakistan

Online bill paying is risk-free, secure, and simple.Are you unsure of the benefits of paying your electricity bills online?The following benefits of online electricity bill payment may persuade you otherwise:

It is practical. You can virtually settle your debt from any part of the world and avoid standing in line for hours at banks.
Online payment of bills is secure and safe.
It makes financial management easier.
Online bill payment for energy might help you organize your finances.
Making online purchases is better for the environment.

For more information, make sure to read this in-depth analysis of the advantages of making bill payments online in Pakistan.

Let’s look at the ways to check bills online now that we are aware of the benefits of online bill paying.

How to Check Electricity Bills Online in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are numerous energy distribution businesses that cater to a specific city or area. For instance, energy is provided in Islamabad by the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Lahore by the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), and Karachi by the K-Electric (KE).

We’ll go over how to view your electricity bills online with each of these distributors for your convenience.

How to Check Your Iesco Bill Online

To check your bill online, provide your IESCO code number (Credits: IESCO)Islamabad residents can access the official IESCO website by clicking the ‘Customer Services’ button in the top navigation menu. To access the web billing page, click “Bill View/Print Duplicate Bill” when the drop-down menu appears.The 14-digit reference number must be entered in the blank field without any spaces. In order to see and print out your electricity bill, click the ‘Search’ button after that. You can locate this reference number on any of your prior paper bills.

How to Check Your Lesco Bill Online

It simply takes a couple of minutes to check LESCO bills online.Here’s how to check your LESCO bill online: Go to the LESCO website and select the ‘Customer Bill’ button from the navigation menu. Then, to check LESCO bills online in 2022, you will be forwarded to a website where you may enter your code number or customer ID. Additionally, you may check your bills simply by using the LESCO Light mobile phone app from the Play Store or App Store.Please take note that the LESCO paper bills contain both a reference number and a client ID.

In addition, you can look at our instructions for requesting a new electricity connection in Islamabad and Lahore.

How to Check Your K-Electric Bill Online

To create an online bill copy, enter your account and consumer numbers on the website (Credits: K-Electric)If you reside in Karachi, go to the official K-Electric website and choose the “Customer Services” button in the left-hand navigation menu. Pick ‘Bills & e-Payments’ from of the drop-down menu after that.You will need the following to view your K-Electric bill online:

Customer number
customer base
Authentic email address
mobile phone

Once you’ve entered all the necessary information, select “View Bill” to create an online copy. Alternatively, you can print and download a PDF version of your bill. Additionally, you can choose paperless billing from the Customer Services page and do your part to protect the environment.

How to Pay Electricity Bills Online in Pakistan

The development of technology has made it simpler than ever for Pakistanis to pay their bills online. The primary types of online payment for your power bills are listed below. Easy Paisa JazzCash Online and Mobile Banking. Let’s talk more about these online payment methods.

Internet and Mobile Banking

To make online bill payments, you can start using Internet Banking or download the bank’s mobile app.Most of the top financial institutions, including Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HBL, and UBL, let their customers use their Internet and mobile banking services to pay their electricity bills online. You may find out where the banks and companies you can utilize to make payments from the comfort of your own home by visiting the website of your neighborhood distribution firm.You can also use your code number and customer ID to pay the bill by downloading the bank’s mobile application and using it.

Easy Paisa

Among the most widely used online payment options in Pakistan is Easy Paisa. Customers may pay a variety of bills right at their fingertips thanks to it.

You must download the Easy Paisa app and register for an account before you can pay your electricity bills online. Once you’ve joined up, you’ll need to log in with a 5-digit pin, tap on “Pay Bills,” choose “Bill Type,” then “Enter a New Bill to Pay” from the menu. Choose your electric distribution business from the list after clicking on the “Electricity” box. Next, scan the barcode on your bill or input your reference number to obtain your bill data.

Before paying, double-check the name, due date, and the amount that shows on your mobile device. For the transaction to be completed, tap “Pay Bill Now.”


One payment processing and e-wallet provider that provides users with a hassle-free bill-paying option is JazzCash.

You can use the app or your JazzCash code to pay your electricity bills online using JazzCash in one of two ways.

Try getting the JazzCash app if you don’t utilize Mobilink. With this software, you can pay your bills in a manner that is very similar to Easy Paise. All you have to do to finish the process is join up, establish an MPIN, choose the utility company and kind of bill, add a customer or reference number, validate all your information, and press on the screen.

Customers of Mobilink, on the other hand, can select “Pay Bills” by dialing *786# from their registered lines. Select the energy distribution company and bill type next. To create payment details, they must either insert the consumer number or scan the barcode found on their statement. To complete the process and make an online bill payment, including the MPIN.

There you have it, then. These are some of the popular methods used in Pakistan for checking and paying electricity bills online.

Make sure to ask your distribution provider for clarification if you have any questions or concerns about paying your bills online.

Here are some things to think about when purchasing online in Pakistan if you prefer to make payments online in the interim. You may also seek how to verify your vehicle’s registration available on the internet in Pakistan and how to send money online.

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