How to Right Click on A Laptop

Updated on June 2, 2022

It’s necessary to place the pointer over the file or icon that you’d like to right-click.

Many latest keyboards also include a dedicated right-click button next to the “Ctrl” button on the right side of the keyboard. The right-click menu is accessible with a single press of this key. There is a chance that your keyboard does not contain programmable keys, even if it does not have such a key.

Razer and Alienware keyboards include specific software and configurable keys if they are high-end gaming keyboards. Your keyboard’s “pause,” “pg up,” “pg dn,” and other non-essential keys can be converted to right-click capabilities with the help of a piece of software.

Keyboard Shortcut for Right-Click

To right-click on your laptop if your trackpad doesn’t work and you don’t have accessibility to an external mouse, you’ll have to type. Using the “Shift” and “F10” keys to right-click is the Windows 10 default keyboard shortcut.

Touch-Screen Laptop Right-Click

With the emergence of 2-in-1 laptops and touchscreen computers, there has been a lot of progress in laptop technology in recent years. The touchscreen displays on these laptops eliminate the need for a mouse or keyboard. These laptops are easy to use and navigate, and the right-click capability is quite accessible.

In order to open the right-click menu on a touchscreen laptop using a stylus or a finger, simply tap and hold the display. You don’t need to be concerned about the model or manufacturer of your touchscreen laptop to use this strategy.

How Do I Right-Click on A Touchpad?

Right-clicking is possible on both Macs and Windows-based PCs, usually without having to alter any default settings. Make sure the touchpad isn’t deactivated if it doesn’t work. You may have accidentally hit a touchpad-turning off button on your keyboard.

Right-Click on A Touchpad on A Windows-Based Laptop

If you don’t have a right-click button on your Windows laptop, use the touchpad’s lower-right corner. Press the right side of the trackpad’s single button to right-click. Depending on the design of the button, there may or may not be a dividing line.

The touchpad gestures in Windows 10 allow you to right-click with two fingers while using the mouse. You can change the mouse click in Windows by going to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Select your primary button if the buttons are mixed up.

Right-Click on A Mac Notebook

Instead of using one finger, Mac users should use two fingers to press the trackpad. Instead, use two fingers on the touchpad and a third on the mouse button for the click. Right-clicking by clicking the lower-right corner of the screen in Mac’s secondary click settings is another option.

A Mouse Is Also an Option

Connecting a mouse to your laptop is also an option. The right-click button is found on nearly every mouse. Customizable buttons on external mice let you select which button performs a right-click action. For more information, go to the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

How Do You Right-Click on A Laptop Keyboard?

You can do this on a Mac by holding down the Control key while clicking the trackpad. You can right-click by left-clicking if you hold down the Control key, which swaps the primary and secondary clicks.

Right-clicking using a keyboard shortcut is possible on some Windows laptops, although there are some restrictions. Shift+F10 can be used to right-click in a text field or on an item you want to right-click. Text fields are the only places where you can right-click on a web browser, but you can’t right-click specific items on the page (such as links or photos).

How Do You Right-Click on A Laptop Without A Mouse?

Tap and hold an item or text area on a touch Windows laptop to activate the right-click menu. If your touchscreen has been disabled, go into your Device Manager and turn it back on.

How Do You Right-Click on A Laptop without An F10 Key

The Menu key is a right-click button found on some laptop keyboards. Search for a key with a mouse pointer pointing to a menu item (or just a menu).


Right-clicking my laptop without creating a sound is not an option for me.

Click on Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Change System Sounds in Windows to customize the sound of the mouse clicking. Once you’ve done that, you may assign different sounds to certain actions (like opening a program or minimizing a window).

On an iPad, how do I right-click?

The iPad’s right-click menu can be opened by tapping and holding your finger on or near a piece of text. The iPad’s right-click menu has fewer options than on a computer, and you can’t right-click anywhere.

When I can’t right-click, how can I copy and paste?

Highlight the text and hit Ctrl+C or Command+C to copy it, then press Ctrl/Command+V to paste it if you can’t right-click. Ctrl/Command+X is the shortcut for cutting.



When you right-click on a computer’s mouse button, you can access a variety of extra functions. To execute any of the tasks in the list, you’ll need to open this menu. In comparison to a desktop computer, a laptop’s right-click is much more difficult to use.

Because most laptop users don’t use a mouse, getting around on a laptop is significantly more difficult. The function may be accessed via the touchpad or touchpad buttons in some circumstances. A keyboard shortcut will be required if the feature isn’t already activated. The ideal way to right-click on your laptop, we hope, has been discovered by you. Please feel free to post your questions in the comment box below if you have any.


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