How to Turn on Keyboard Light on Hp Laptop

Updated on October 13, 2022

The introduction of backlights for laptop keyboards has revolutionized the computer experience, allowing users to work even when it’s dark outside. In addition to a slew of flashy extras that could easily overshadow the importance of a backlit keyboard, nearly all new laptops ship with one.

So, you’ve recently purchased a brand-new computer and are still getting used to all the convenient keyboard shortcuts. To keep working long after the sun has gone down, it’s helpful to know how to activate the keyboard’s backlight.

Learn the ins and outs of making your computer serve your needs, including how to activate and deactivate the keyboard light and how to solve common issues with your HP notebook.

How to Turn on Keyboard Light on Hp Laptop

How to Turn on A Backlit Keyboard?

If the keyboard on your HP laptop glows from above, you can press F5 by looking at the top row of keys. An icon depicting a flashlight could be placed on this button. To activate the keyboard’s illumination, just press the Fn key on the bottom row and this button at the same time.

The illumination on your device may have a basic on/off switch, or the brightness may be customizable on some models. It’s possible that the F9 or F11 key, rather than F5, is assigned to activate the backlight on your PC keyboard. The backlit keyboard light can be activated with the same Fn + F11 combination that you just practiced.

How to Turn Off a Backlit Keyboard?

As the sun rises and shines on the keyboard, you may realize that you no longer need the light to see what you’re typing. If you want to power off the lighting on your laptop’s keyboard, you can do so by pressing the same keys that activated it.

Either F5, F9, or F11 alone, or Fn + F5, F9, or F11 together, would do the trick.

How to Adjust Brightness on A Backlit Keyboard?

There are a few key factors that might have an impact on your productivity. In some cases, your eyes may tire or become distracted by the computer’s display or keyboard’s fluorescent lighting.

To reduce the intensity of your keyboard’s backlight, simply hit the lighting function key many times. Only this button allows you to control the entire spectrum of keyboard illumination options.

How to change the color of a backlit keyboard?

Those who use an HP OMEN laptop to ride into the top ranks of online gaming can customise the hue of their backlights if they so like. It’s common knowledge that gaming laptops include cool backlight characteristics that provide their users an advantage over the competition.

Zoned Backlighting

Zoned backlighting is available on HP OMEN laptops, allowing users to customize the illumination of individual keys and sections of the keyboard. Gamers typically utilize several buttons simultaneously when exploring, attacking, or strategizing, thus it’s helpful to visually divide these functions into distinct areas.

If you’re a PC gamer, you may customize your keyboard’s backlighting to suit your preferences. The user can type with complete assurance, even if their gaze isn’t fixed on the keys.

The following are the steps necessary to alter the color of the keyboard backlight on an HP OMEN laptop:
You may launch OMEN Command Center from the Windows taskbar or the Start menu.
Lighting can be accessed via the menu bar’s leftmost selection.
Make sure “Keyboard” is selected in the upper-right corner. There are three distinct settings to choose from: You can choose between animated, static, or off-display.
When using “Static,” you can individually customize the keyboard’s color scheme. Choose from one of six predefined templates or go custom with the “Custom” option under the “Template” menu. WASD, First-Person-Shooter, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Massively Multiplayer Online, Primary-Secondary Keyboard, and All Keys are some of the pre-made layout
When you choose a template in the OMEN Command Center, a color palette will appear at the bottom of the interface, where you can assign colors according to the basic palette or the advanced palette of your choosing.
You can now admire your rainbow-themed keyboard layout after pressing the “Apply” button.

How Can I Animate My Hp Omen Backlit Keyboard?

The ability to animate the keyboard lights is one of the most interesting additions to HP OMEN laptops. HP OMEN laptops may be customized to lighten and pulse to the bass & treble within your computer, making for a more immersive gaming experience. Your keypad will become alive with your gaming escape, whether you’re the shooter set to aim and fire or the victim of a devastating game-changing hit.

Here are simple methods to bringing your HP OMEN laptop’s backlit hues to life:

You may launch OMEN Command Center by clicking its icon in the Windows system tray or by selecting it from the Start menu.
Lighting can be accessed via the menu bar’s leftmost selection.
Make sure you’ve got the keyboard selected in the upper-right corner.
To program the keyboard with a unique display of colors, choose “Animation” from the “Mode” menu.
To customize the segmentation of your keyboard, select “Effect” from the menu and choose between nine preloaded animation settings.

After deciding on an effect, the HP OMEN Command Center’s footer will display a color palette picker.

The OMEN Galaxy, Volcano, Jungle, and Ocean are just some of the pre-installed animated themes.
If you select “Custom,” you’ll be able to build your own color scheme from scratch.
Utilize the sliders on the right of the screen to change the animation’s tempo and orientation.
To apply the modifications you made to your animation, simply watch it in action and then click “Apply.”

Can I Install a Backlit Keyboard on My Laptop?

If your computer doesn’t have a backlit keyboard built in, adding one will be extremely challenging, if not impossible unless you’re an experienced computer engineer. It takes more than just installing a backlit keyboard into an existing system; there are a number of other parts and steps in the programming process

Laptops, being more portable, are smaller, thinner, and more complex than their bulkier desktop counterparts. That makes disassembly and reassembly a more time-consuming process in most cases. Anyone without expert skills or the right tools should avoid getting under the keyboard plate, as they could cause more damage to the computer than good.

HP has a wide variety of excellent laptops for any kind of computer user, including those with backlit keyboards.

What Are the Best Hp Laptops with Backlit Keyboards?

For casual users: HP ENVY x360 13z touch laptop

The HP ENVY x360 is the ideal PC companion for the casual user because it is versatile, powerful, and extremely portable. The 13.3-inch touchscreen display and its built-in AMD RyzenTM 5 processor provide stunning AMD RadeonTM graphics and lightning-fast performance, respectively. Any time of day or night, this laptop can be used for a wide variety of activities, from viewing movies to making websites.

For professionals: HP ZBook 15V G5 mobile workstation

A reliable computer is a need for every hardworking professional, whether they are based in an office or on the road earning a job by writing about their travels.

Whenever it comes to speed and durability, the HP ZBook 15V G5 compact workplace is unparalleled. Even if you happen to be working in a filthy environment, you can still get work done thanks to the illuminated, full-size keyboard that is resistant to spills.

For gamers: HP OMEN 15-inch laptop

HP OMEN workstations are purpose-built with cutting-edge computing power, cutting-edge graphics, and the future of gaming in mind. Powered by a Hexa-core 8th Generation Intel® CoreTM i7 processor and an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 gpu card, the HP OMEN 15-inch laptop is capable of producing expansive, immersive game landscapes and high-powered gameplay.

A full-size keyboard with four separate zones and NKRO anti-ghosting key tech is integrated inside the device. That means you may mash the keyboard as much as you like without fear of losing any progress in your cage match round.

What are the best external backlit HP keyboards?

HP OMEN Sequencer keyboard

The HP OMEN Modular synthesizer keyboard stands out from the competition thanks to its individually lighted keys. This illuminated keyboard supports up to 16.8 million RGB colors and may implement individual effects, all of which can be adjusted via the HP OMEN Command Center.

This optical gaming keyboard’s lightning-fast response time of 0.2 milliseconds means you can strike with devastating speed. If compared to standard mechanical switches, that’s a huge improvement.

HP Elite x2 1013 G3 collaboration keyboard

Tablets are wonderful in every way: they are lightweight, portable, and stylish. However, if you really need to buckle down and get things done, you can be stuck without a keyboard. To solve this problem, HP created the Elite x2 1013 G3 Keyboard. This illuminated keyboard for tablets will let you get the most out of your tablet without sacrificing its sleek portability.

HP OMEN keyboard 1100

The WASD keys being pre-highlighted on a keyboard is the universal sign of a gaming keyboard. The HP OMEN keypad 1100 will ensure that you never again miss a shot. You can fine-tune your reaction speed with the help of the outstanding anti-ghosting technology and the incredibly snappy blue mechanical switches that come standard on this illuminated beauty.

If you’re trying to cut costs on gaming accessories or a gaming laptop, head on over to HP’s Coupon Deals page.

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