PPP’s Awais Qadir Shah named Sindh Assembly speaker, Anthony Naveed as deputy speaker

Updated on February 27, 2024

Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) MPA Awais Qadir Shah was sworn in as the speaker of the Sindh Assembly on Sunday, with Anthony Naveed becoming the deputy speaker. The election saw Qadir Shah secure 111 votes, defeating his opponent, MQM-P’s Sofia Saeed, who managed to secure only 36 votes.

Outgoing speaker Agha Siraj Durrani administered the oath to the newly elected Speaker Qadir Shah. Following the election of the speaker, Naveed secured 111 votes against MQM-P’s Rashid Khan, who received 36 votes. Naveed was then sworn in as the deputy speaker by Qadir Shah.

The session began with a brief delay, during which some members of the provincial assembly took their oaths. However, members of the Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) boycotted the election by abstaining from casting their votes.


Outgoing Speaker Durrani Briefs Members

Before the voting for the new speaker, outgoing speaker Durrani briefed the members about the polling process. The election saw a majority of the lawmakers support Qadir Shah and Naveed for the positions of speaker and deputy speaker, respectively.

The election of Awais Qadir Shah as the speaker of the Sindh Assembly marks a significant development in the political landscape of the province. With a strong majority vote in his favor, Qadir Shah is expected to lead the assembly with integrity and dedication. The appointment of Anthony Naveed as the deputy speaker further strengthens the leadership in the Sindh Assembly. The PPP government in Sindh looks forward to working with the new speaker and deputy speaker to address the issues facing the province and serve the people effectively.