Shikarpur Police seize 9 kg hash, nab drug dealer

Updated on February 27, 2024

Successful Police Operation Led by SSP Shikarpur leads to the Arrest of Drug Dealer

SSP Shikarpur Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan directed a successful police operation that led to the arrest of a cross-provincial drug dealer in Shikarpur. The operation, conducted by the New Faujdari Police, resulted in the seizure of 19 kilograms of hashish from the suspect, identified as Nusrat Hussain.

Shikarpur Police seize 9 kg hash, nab drug dealer

Arrest of Drug Dealer

The police operation was launched based on intelligence received by SSP Shikarpur Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan. The New Faujdari Police conducted a raid at the New Bus Stand, where they arrested Nusrat Hussain, a resident of Hyderabad, who was attempting to supply drugs in the area.

During the arrest, 19 kilograms of hashish were seized from the suspect, who confessed to his involvement in the narcotics business and smuggling drugs from various regions of Balochistan to different areas of Sindh through a network.

Legal Action and Investigation

A case has been registered against the suspect under the Narcotics Act, and further investigations into his drug smuggling activities have been initiated. SSP Shikarpur Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan has instructed the police team to be commended with appreciation certificates and cash rewards for their successful operation.


The arrest of Nusrat Hussain is a significant achievement in the fight against drug trafficking in the region. The swift action taken by SSP Shikarpur Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan and the New Faujdari Police demonstrates their commitment to maintaining law and order in Shikarpur and cracking down on illegal activities.

It is essential for law enforcement agencies to continue their efforts in combating drug trafficking and ensuring the safety and security of the community. The successful police operation in Shikarpur serves as a reminder of the dedication and professionalism of the police force in upholding the law and protecting the citizens from criminal activities.